We Provide Latest Innovative World Leading Technology #1 LASER Hybrid Multimedia Projectors Instead

Laser Hybrid Advantage 

hybrid projectors are becoming more and more popular. Hybrid light sources have some serious advantages over conventional LCD/DLP lamps. Hybrid projectors require little maintenance, as there is no lamp to be changed.

  • Guaranteed 100,000 hours Lamp Life by Hybrid technology(10-20 Years at daily usage of 5-10 hours)
  • 1080P FULL HD – All models supports HD 1080 input
  • Connectivity / interface –You name it and we have it from USB FOR PENDRIVE AND HARDDISKS, HDMI, TV, AV Video, VGA, S-VGA etc.
  • Screen Size : With Screen size of up to 200 inches(diagonally) or more..Why would you still settle for a TV when You can convert your HOME2THEATRE?
  • 2 Year warranty For All Projectors and Lamps bought From 
  • True Theater FULL HD Compatibility: 1080P Support for HD Satellite Dish Connections e.g TATA SKY, SUN DIRECT,BIG TV,DISH TV, AIRTEL,VIDEOCON


Hybrid Projector’s Advantages versus Lamp Based Projectors

Low Cost of Ownership

  • No Lamps to Purchase
    • 60,000 to 100,000 Hour Illumination System Depending on Projector Model
    • Saves $$$ Spent on Lamps
    • Saves Time Spent Tracking Lamp Hours until Replacement
  • No Lamps to Replace
    • Reduces Downtime Spent Replacing Lamps
    • Reduces Downtime Spent Calibrating Brightness
  • Replacement LED Module  
    • Low cost
    • Field Replaceable