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We Provide Latest Innovative World Leading Technology #1 LASER Hybrid Multimedia Projectors Instead

Laser Hybrid Advantage

hybrid projectors are becoming more and more popular. Hybrid light sources have some serious advantages over conventional LCD/DLP lamps. Hybrid projectors require little maintenance, as there is no lamp to be changed.

  1. Guaranteed 100,000 hours Lamp Life by Hybrid technology(10-20 Years at daily usage of 5-10 hours)
  2. 1080P FULL HD – All models supports HD 1080 input
  3. Connectivity / interface –You name it and we have it from USB FOR PENDRIVE AND HARDDISKS, HDMI, TV, AV Video, VGA, S-VGA etc.
  4. Screen Size : With Screen size of up to 200 inches(diagonally) or more..Why would you still settle for a TV when You can convert your HOME2THEATRE?
  5. 2 Year warranty For All Projectors and Lamps bought From
  6. True Theater FULL HD Compatibility: 1080P Support for HD Satellite Dish Connections e.g TATA SKY, SUN DIRECT,BIG TV,DISH TV, AIRTEL,VIDEOCON

Why You Should Buy Our Brand Projector Than Epson, Benq, etc

Hybrid Projector’s Advantages versus Lamp Based Projectors

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • No Lamps to Purchase
    • 60,000 to 100,000 Hour Illumination System Depending on Projector Model
    • Saves $$$ Spent on Lamps
    • Saves Time Spent Tracking Lamp Hours until Replacement
  • No Lamps to Replace
    • Reduces Downtime Spent
    • Replacing Lamps
    • Reduces Downtime Spent Calibrating Brightness
  • Replacement LED Module
    • Low cost
    • Field Replaceable

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